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The Journey

Reforming Hope is a non-profit organization that was formed based upon the calling of God on my life to move to South Africa and minister to those who are hurting and need access to mental health resources as well as the message of hope that can only be given by sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will be based out of Cape Town, South Africa and I'm raising funds to support my full-time ministry. 

Image by Mantas Hesthaven

The Mission

I aspire to equip and empower people to pursue restoration to Christ and cultivate community with others through discipleship and healing.

Image by Hannah Busing

The Vision

I desire to make myself available to churches and non-profit organizations as a consulting counselor, trainer, as well as providing care for the caregivers. I want to be able to provide the community with access to mental health resources and equip people with the necessary tools to provide holistic care with the ultimate goal of pointing people to Jesus as the only way to true healing and restoration. 

Study group
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